100 Years +

IGC Group - Belgian excellence in diamonds 

“Yes, it’s in our DnA too!”

More than five centuries ago Antwerp became synonymous with diamonds. "Diamonds & Antwerp, it's in our DnA!" is the new industry slogan that also perfectly encapsulates the story of IGC Group, one of the oldest and most trusted diamond companies in Antwerp. IGC Group is proud of having contributed (since 1912) to the success of Antwerp as a diamond centre. We continue to passionately deliver craftsmanship, excellent quality and innovation to our customers within the luxury jewellery brand and watch industry.

Five generations of diamond expertise have underpinned the success of one of the world's oldest diamond firms. Jacques Claes, assisted by his father Frans Claes, a diamond cutter, established the company in 1912.

A major milestone in IGC Group’s history was the establishment of a large polishing factory in Thailand in 1980. Since then, two more factories have joined the group: one in Laos in 1999 and another in Botswana in 2007.

Known all over the world for its finest make, IGC Group is a strategic diamond partner for the Swiss watch industry, high-end retailers and jewellery manufacturers worldwide.