Our Goal

We want to offer you the finest natural diamonds and a personalized service to create a long lasting, stable and mutually beneficial business relationship. We do not settle for average and try to set the benchmark for the make, service and ethical standards.

-Belgian Excellence in diamonds since 1893.-


At IGC Group, the Make Matters! We ensure the finest make is achieved by implementing strict quality controls that deliver consistent and uniform assortments. This makes us the preferred supplier to high-end retailers, luxury jewellery brands and the Swiss watch industry.

Master polishers in factories in Laos, Thailand and Botswana make sure every single stone is polished to perfection and perform stringent quality controls throughout the supply chain to adjust processes where needed.

We value our service

IGC’s service philosophy is all about personal contact and relationship building. At IGC you’re assisted by a dedicated account manager with at least 10 years experience, who is reinforced by a professional sales support team. Our dedicated sorting department guarantees customized sorting as per your requirements and delivers consistency in all orders. As a specialized manufacturer we offer a wide variety of diamond assortments in large quantities. This includes securing large orders of mm-sizes. Should you be interested, our sales managers can assist you in determining which selection best suits your jewellery or watch collection. To IGC, an excellent service is indispensable to create long lasting mutually beneficial business relationships.

Frans Claes (1865 – 1945), the stonemason who fell in love with diamonds.

Belgian Excellence – a family endeavour

Born in Antwerp in 1865 and a stonemason by profession, Frans Claes decided by the age of 20 to become a diamond cutter. As time went by he became an expert in the field. Hence, he went to the United States to teach others the art of diamond cutting. Frans’ son, Jacques Claes, inherited his father’s love for diamonds and established the company known today as IGC Group. Frans Claes was able to witness the company’s first decades of growth. A company that was to become one of the world’s most renowned diamond firms. The love and craftsmanship has been passed on for generations with the Claes family still guiding IGC Group’s path.


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