100 Years +

Our Values

Long term vision

IGC Group aims to establish long lasting relationships, whether it be with our customers, suppliers or any other business partner. We cherish and are proud of, the unique relationships we have built with our customers, some of whom we have worked with for more than 75 years.

Thanks to our dedication to the excellence of our product and servicing system, IGC Group is today the strategic diamond supplier to the Swiss watch industry and luxury jewellery brand houses.

Specialist manufacturer of finest make

IGC Group is a leading manufacturer of top make brilliants and the largest global manufacturer of finely made single cuts. Our passion for diamonds is reflected in the consistency of our make, and the high finishing grade and strict definition of diamond proportions. We guarantee maximum scintillation and fire in every stone we supply.

Relentless attention to detail

Excellence can only be consistently attained by a continuous quest for perfection. At the polishing factories in Bangkok, Laos and Botswana our professionals, assisted by a dedicated technical staff and strong Research & Development department, regularly push technology to new levels of accuracy.

High level of servicing

Transparency, clear communication and timely response are the pillars of our customer service. Our management, sales team and entire staff are always looking for ways to serve the customer better and faster.

Integrity and transparency

IGC complies fully with the highest standards within the industry and guarantees the strictest diamond integrity and work ethics. We take pride in our multi-linguistic and multicultural international staff, who work closely together to serve the client in a professional and open manner.