100 Years +

Our Diamonds 

IGC Group delivers exactly what a customer needs: a consistent supply of diamonds in the 'Finest Make' at a competitive price.

Our extensive product range includes:

1. Brilliant Cuts (Rounds)

  • -6.5 +000
  • -11.5 +6.5
  • Melee (1/10 to 1/6)
  • Pointers (1/5 to 3/4), incl. GIA Excellent Cut (1/5cts – 1.5cts)
  • H&A 3EX (0,15ct - 0,39ct)
  • 0.90cts. - 8.00cts. (GIA & HRD)

2. Fancy Shapes

  • Cushions, Marquises, Princesses, Pears, Ovals, Emeralds ...
    from 0.10cts. to 10.00cts. (GIA & HRD)

3. Single Cuts (8/8)

  • 0.70mm – 1.70mm


"Individually perfect, dazzling in a crowd"

The ultimate round diamond in small sizes! Top end of our full cut and melee production, producing maximized, consistent light reflection when set together. This premium product is used by the world’s leading watch and luxury houses.

5. Custom-made Shapes

Uniquely shaped diamonds designed and/or manufactured according to the customer's specific, proprietary requirements.

Our diamonds can be certified by GIA, HRD or any other leading gemmological institute.