100 Years +


EXIRE®, "Individually perfect, dazzling in a crowd"

EXIRE® is the ultimate small diamond and proof of IGC Group´s state-of-the-art polishing technology and craftsmanship.

Set together in jewellery and/or watches, EXIRE® diamonds reveal their unique brilliance and consistent make in:

  • pave setting
  • bezel setting
  • diamond lines

EXIRE® is available in:

  • Size: 1.00mm – 3.70mm
  • Clarity: from LC to VVS2
  • Colour: from D to J

For more detailed info please contact our Sales Director Mr. Piet Rijk, tel: +32 - 3 203 45 67 or email: piet.rijk@igcgroup.com

More info: www.exirediamonds.com