100 Years +

GIA Excellent

IGC’s pointer production adheres to the new GIA Diamond Cut Grading System that reflects the critical polishing parameters of a round brilliant diamond.*

We offer GIA Excellent Cut, both certified and uncertified:

  • Uncertified diamonds polished to GIA Excellent cut parameters are available in sizes from 0.20cts to 0.39cts.
  • Certified GIA excellent diamonds are available starting from 0.40cts.

*GIA's Diamond Cut Grading System assesses a diamond's overall face-up appearance by using computer modelling along with other algorithms to predict levels of brightness, fire and scintillation (sparkle and pattern). This indicates how well a diamond's proportions work together to return white and coloured light to an observer, and also takes into account other important factors such as design (durability and over-weight) and craftsmanship (polish and symmetry)