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IGC celebrates its 100 YEAR Anniversary
01 Feb 2012

Throughout 1912 Belgian diamond manufacturing company IGC Group will celebrate its centenary.

In 1912 the entrepreneurial spirit of jacques Claes, assited by his father, a diamond cutter, laid the fundamentals of the worldwide organization IGC group is today.

Initially diamonds were manufactured in Belgium and traded on the Antwerp market. Since 1955 the company has been sourcing rough diamonds directly from the mining company The Beers. This strong relationship lasts until today, making IGC Group one of the oldest DTC Sightholders.

A major milestone in the history of the company is the establisment of a large polishing factory in Thailand in 1980. Since then two more factories joined the group: one in Laos in 1999 and a third factory in Botswana in 2007.

As manufacturing output grew, new sales offices were opened in New York, Hong Kong, Chennai, Shanghai and Chicago.

The company continues to meet the highest standards of the luxury retail market, making IGC Group the ideal strategic diamond partner of the Swiss watch industry, retailers and jewellery manufacturers worldwide.

"This centenary not only reminds us of the exiting journey we have made so far, but also strenghtens our determination to build an even brighter future together with our customers and partners" says Jacques Claes, director of the company.