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'Take Back the Tap' campaign
08 Jan 2018

Encouraging IGC Group staff to lower CO2 emission and reduce waste

At IGC Group we believe small steps can bear great results:

‘Take Back the Tap’ campaign

At the end of 2017 IGC Group staff members within the Antwerp head office received a personalized reusable water bottle. As the carbon footprint of one 500 ml PET bottle of water is 82,8g we found that it was time to offer our staff a reusable water bottle. Each bottle contained the message that Belgian tap water is perfectly safe to drink and a great alternative for the emissions and waste related to bottled water.

Rain ponchos for bikers

Antwerp staff commuting on a daily basis to work on their bikes do not only enjoy personal health benefits but also help to lower the company’s overall carbon footprint, limit city traffic congestion and decrease air pollution. As a reward these colleagues received a colorful rain poncho that will hopefully encourage them to continue riding their bikes to work for many more years to come.