100 Years +

Our CSR Projects

Through its local CSR projects IGC Group wants to support those “forgotten individuals and communities” that are in need of help, but receive little or no support by their government or other organizations. As we focus on helping communities in the geographical proximity of our own operations we can identify the needs of these ‘disadvantaged groups of people’ that often remain unidentified and neglected.

IGC Group’s CSR project philosophy is centred around the following 2 objectives:

  1. To create and/or enhance sustainable income generation for these disadvantaged groups of people.
  2. To support the education of the young generation of these disadvantaged groups.

Since the devastating tsunami in 2004, IGC Group started to support a local community of ‘forgotten’ sea gypsies in Kura Buri, Phang-Nga province, Thailand. Over the last 10 years we have created a better life and income for this vulnerable group by building 60 new fishing boats, houses and supporting their community library and child day care centre .