Natural Diamond Assurance Protocol

Our specially designed Diamond Protocol ensures that you only source natural diamonds. This assurance is given by using several devices and methods. These methods inculde looking at the nitrogen diamond type differentiation, examining the luminescence properties and performing photoluminescence and raman spectroscopies. The different devices used for these tests are the D-screen, the M-screen+, the DFI and the Sherlock Holmes 3.0.

All diamonds are checked on their natural origin when arriving at our office before entering our stock, even when those incoming diamonds left our office just one minute ago. Each diamond size has its own protocol:

      1. Stones starting from 3.7 mm (0,20ct) color range D to J are first checked with the D screen device.
      2. Stones ranging from 1 mm to 3.7 mm color D to J are first checked with the M-screen device.
      3. Fancies and round stones smaller than 1 mm in color D to K and referrals from the previous 2 steps are checked with the Sherlock Holmes 3.0. device.
      4. Referrals from step 3 and stones in color K to Z are checked with the DFI set-up.


Don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like to receive more information about our protocol.

Responsible Jewellery Council