Global warming is probably the world’s most serious challenge and threatens our society & future generations. We all need to do what we can to improve the situation as fast as possible.

As a socially and environmentally conscious enterprise in the diamond industry, IGC Group is rising to this global challenge and chose to evaluate its climate impact in 2017. In this vein, we are happy to announce that the independent climate advisory organization CO2Logic has calculated our carbon emissions.


The planet is getting warmer

It is well proven that human activity is making the planet warmer. One of the biggest contributors to global warming comes from CO2 emissions. By working together to reduce those emissions, we can have a lasting, positive impact on future generations.


Carbon Footprint

IGC Group takes its responsibility and has now identified its own carbon footprint. At the organizational level (incl. 3 polishing factories and 4 commercial sales offices) it amounts to 1.741 tons of CO2 for the year 2016. This calculation will serve as the baseline calculation.


Making a change

As there is a clear urgency we have also identified CO2 reduction opportunities for our global organization and we have started implementing a carbon reduction strategy.

In order to boost energy efficiency, reduce power consumption and cut our waste we will focus on production and operational improvements.

We are hopeful that the Carbon Reduction Project will bear its result and lead to a better IGC Group and will contribute to a more sustainable living environment.